Know like a local. Invest like a pro.

Neighborhood Scoring

Empowering land developers and real estate investors with a simple scoring tool that takes complex location data and transforms it into powerful decision making outcomes.

Supply & Demand Assessment

Analyze property and neighborhood insights side by side with land zoning, a competitive landscape, and a market overview for supply and demand.

Demographic insights

Get detailed demographic information that is immediately useful; ranging from income, population, age, housing type, and the composition of household.


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Real Estate Investors

Evaluate a high volume of properties with ease.

  • Block by block zoning maps
  • Analyze neighborhood quality 
  • In depth market overview
  • Supply and demand numbers
  • In depth demographic insights
  • Scenario development toolkit
  • Reporting and plan comparisons
  • Chat and email support from trained urban planners

Land Developers

Your boots on the ground toolkit for every development project.

  • Tailored analysis tools for larger teams
  • In depth location insights and reporting
  • Evaluate neighborhoods side by side with land zoning
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market overview for supply and demand 
  • Reporting and plan comparisons

Brokerage Firms

Give your project the finest location intelligence at scale.

  • The tool you need for every feasibility assessment
  • Customized data sets and report exports
  • Department-wide, multi-user access and collaboration
  • Product integrations
  • Analytics calibration
  • Public sector-focused training and support

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Who is this product for?

Anyone who values or wants to know about any location in North America (Canada / US). Especially useful for Real estate investors, land developers, brokerage firms of any size - even individuals.

The tool is built to be nimble, robust, and scalable to fit your project, investment, and land development needs.


Who is the team behind this project?

In 2014, Local Logic set out with a vision to quantify any location via simple to understand scores that provide the rich lifestyle data needed to find the perfect address for your professional or personal needs. Location is the most important factor when deciding where to live or where to place your business. But there was not a well built intelligence product to help decipher and use the terrabytes of data available to Urban Planners, or GIS experts. We set out to unlock that data and make it easy to use and actionable - and Local Logic was born.

Fast forward five years, and the Local Logic team has accomplished this by helping millions of people every day make decisions and even discover new places to live across North America. These scores quantify physical experiences, such as noise, car friendliness, park availability, walkability to schools, transit and much more. Local Analytics is the next step in this vision.

Local Analytics is built and powered by the team at Local Logic.


What does this product actually do?

Local Analytics helps you buy like a local, but decide like an investor.

For example, Land developers and investors usually have to walk the neighborhood they invest in over and over, as well as pour over a site analysis. And yet they often still do not have the important granular factors (noise, businesses, points of interest, demographics, etc.) needed for a robust investment thesis.

Local Analytics provides a visual tool to instantly understand any street in North America (US & Canada) -  down to the corner. In just a few seconds, you can enter any address and receive zoning, demographics, consumer demand, market trends and more. You can set custom boundaries, use multiple layers and maps, all so you can accelerate your decision or gather information about any location you are interested in.

Local Analytics is your boots on the ground analysis and insights tool.


When and how would I use this tool?

Sourcing Sites
You can use Local Analytics to find the perfect site for your real estate investment. With Local Analytics you can find a site that corresponds to your zoning needs, to the demographics you want to build, or to meet the demand around your current portfolio or redevelopment.

Comparing sites
Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few ideal sites, go deep. For each site, Local Analytics can help you understand the residents with detailed demographic data, points of interests - including retail, schools, restaurants and even get a price estimate based on sold listings with custom radius and more.

Assess without limits
Local Analytics is meant to inform and guide massive decisions, with hyper-focus. You set the boundaries, get data down to the street segment, and no longer limit yourself to postal codes, neighborhoods, or other data limits. Location is very specific, and your data should be too.