It is harder than ever to find accurate and stalwart data that you can trust these days. And yet this is what we all need to make good decisions. At Local Logic, we have made it our mission to change that.

But if this data is not also easy to understand, then what is the point? Finding valuable solutions to your everyday lives and real estate needs is our core purpose. This week, we are releasing a few new updates that help you find the exact data you are looking for when you need it and enrich the depth of your analysis.

Filtering Layers

  • Toggle on and off any data layer to find exactly what you need (i.e. filter to see only commercially-zoned land parcels).
  • Apply these filters to building permits, development applications, zoning maps, and more.
  • Our future releases will provide the functionality to filter on multiple variables at the same time (i.e. find all land that is commercially zoned and has a floor-area-ratio greater than 3,000 sqft)

Find land by searching for age demographics

  • Find land that fits your needs by creating a custom heatmap based on age bracket data.
  • Specify what percentage of the population you’re looking for in your target age bracket.
  • Combine it with other variables to find the perfect parcel of land, like proximity to transit or income data.
  • Available in all of Canada and the USA.

Discovery Data Sets

  • City by city, we will begin rolling out new datasets that give you the data to back up your decisions and give you foresight into how the supply & demand of real estate is changing, affecting the absorption and pricing of units.
  • Starting in Toronto, you can now access insights into development applications filed with the city, see current status of permits, analyze your competition, and understand how it impacts the absorption of your upcoming units.
  • In New York City, we have expanded our data to include some powerful insights into the current use of the building (current owner, tax parcels, zoning, etc…), as well as the data about future potential land use (zoning,, flood risks, lot frontage, special designation zones, upzoning applications, and more).

Knowing the trends and patterns of a city, and how to find the right data that you need for your decision making process, changes everything. The future of land development is here.