Imagine creating a fully customizable report within minutes on any property or site? Over the past four plus years, we have learned how painful and time consuming it is to create and share accurate site assessment reports. The time wasted with copying and pasting, and the difficulty finding reliable data leads to significant lost opportunities.

To solve this, we are thrilled to announce our new feature release, which provides you and your team with the ability to have a holistic view of the pros and cons of any location, as well as its potential and optimal uses for real estate development. These reports save you days, if not weeks, of your time and immediately de-risk your business decisions.

Current features include:

  • With a single click — export market assessment reports for any location in the  Chicago, Montreal, or Toronto areas (more geo locations coming soon!).
  • Custom access — to beautiful maps, tables, and visuals that are ready to share in presentations, promotional material, and more.
  • Market analytics — advanced breakdown of statistics, changes over time, asset class, and price point.
  • Demographics — hyper-precise information on what types of people live in the surrounding area.
  • Location Intelligence — detailed location scores on nearby amenities & services, as well as nearby hospitals and transportation options.
  • Building options — with information on the lot zoning, floor-area-ratio, permitted uses, and more.

With these reports, you will be able to improve and accelerate your financial proformas and underwriting process. Remove the time and anxiety that comes with the human error of finding accurate data and assembling it into a comprehensive report. 

These reports can also help you understand the pricing variables for different unit mixes, the trajectory and liquidity of the market, the demographics of prospective buyers, the nearby supply (or lack of supply) of amenities and services, as well as any zoning or regulatory information that may impact municipal approval.

Additionally, in your profile settings, you now have the ability to custom brand your reports. In upcoming releases, we plan to roll out features that include; currency and language preferences, billing updates, and full site assessments in additional geographic areas.

The future of land development is here.