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When and how would I use this tool?

Sourcing Sites
You can use Local Analytics to find the perfect site for your real estate investment. With this tool, you are capable of finding a site that corresponds to your zoning needs, to the demographics and amenities you want to build, and the performance demands of your current portfolio.

Comparing Sites
Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few ideal sites, go deep. For each site, Local Analytics helps you understand the detailed demographic data, points of interest - including retail, schools, restaurants and even get a price estimate based on sold listings, with a custom radius and more.

Accessing Without Limits
Local Analytics is meant to inform and guide massive decisions, with hyper-focus. You set the boundaries, get data down to the street segment, and no longer limit yourself to postal codes, neighborhoods, or other data limits. The location is very specific, and your data should be too.

Where does Local Analytics get its data?

Where don’t we get our data? We’ve developed an expertise in aggregating, cleaning and analyzing thousands of databases so you don’t have to. 

Location scores
We aggregate information including city street maps, traffic patterns, sources of noise (trains, cars, businesses, etc), nearby businesses, census data to arrive at our location scores.

Demographic data
We use a mix of the census and proprietary data to arrive at a precise demographic. Our demographic data reflects the true inhabitants of the area - not the demographics of dissemination areas.

Is it available in my city?

Local Analytics is available for every address in the continental USA and Canada. While you’ll find our location data, heatmaps and demographics available everywhere, some of our other data is being rolled out in phases. In order to provide the highest quality insights, and provide real value to the people and organizations that we work with, we have decided to carefully roll out our data on a city by city basis. 

With that being said, our machine learning platform, and a team of urban planners and data scientists are capable of providing in-depth datasets to any location. If we are not in your city yet, please feel free to reach out to us!

Who is this product built for?

Local Analytics is especially useful for real estate investors, residential developers, and land developers. Although the product is built with these users in mind, it can also be useful to anyone who values or wants to know about any location in North America (Canada / US), including agents, brokers, appraisers, home flippers, and more...

The tool is built to be nimble, robust, and scalable to fit your project, investment, and  land development needs.

What does this product actually do?

Local Analytics brings together powerful location insights, regulatory data, market trends, and predictive analytics in one place. It empowers residential land developers and real estate investors to quickly assess opportunities, or be proactive in sourcing their own opportunities by identifying hidden gems in an up-and-coming market.

Powered by GIS and artificial intelligence, Local Analytics allows you to carry out advanced market research, build a winning investment thesis, and find sites that are the best match. Once you have a potential site, you can cross-reference demographics, comps, zoning, and more, to find the perfect unit mix. Export your analyses to share a report with your team, or feed data into your financial proformas and underwriting.

The Local Analytics “secret sauce” is consumer demand data. Backed by five years of homebuyer search data through our Local Logic product solutions, gain access to more than 5 million monthly consumers, and know what assets they are searching for, at what price points, what is selling the fastest, and more. Comps are great if you want to benchmark yourself against what your competition is doing, but combine that with consumer demand data and you can decide what to build next to get ahead of the market.

From buying a mixed-use tower to your next major land acquisition your investment strategy will never be the same. This is the business, urban, and behavioral intelligence you need for every real estate decision.

Who is the team behind this project?

Local Analytics is built and powered by the team at Local Logic.

In 2014, Local Logic set out with the mission to quantify location in order to improve the lives of citizens.. Location is probably the most important factor when deciding where to live or where to place your business. But there was not a well-built intelligence product to share and use this data. Local Logic translates location into 17 different scores to quantify physical experiences, such as noise, car friendliness, park availability, walkability to schools, transit and much more. 

Fast forward five years and the Local Logic team is helping millions of people every day use location data to make decisions and even discover new places to live across North America. You can find Local Logic products on real estate websites across North America.

The new Local Analytics platform took this a step further, by providing a powerful tool that helps investors and residential developers assess opportunities in a matter of minutes while saving thousands of dollars.

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